Essential oils from Dimollaure

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Essential oils

Entering your Boudoir should be a stress-less experience. Personally, I love entering my Boudoir after a long day to hang my clothes up on beautiful hangers. I love inhaling the gorgeous aroma distributed from my candles and my humidifier, and sit myself down on a comfy chair in front of a mirror before taking off my earrings and necklaces. I love the seremonial feeling of running my fingers through my garments in my shelves, the feeling of the different textures caressing my fingertips. Before putting on sexy lingerie, a harness, or a corset and then applying my makeup and fixing my hair, I love to set the mood for the evening by adding a few drops of my favorite essential oil into the humidifier and feel the differnce in ambience. 

Choose your favorite amongst this selection of essential oils and create your own little haven of joy.

Each of these are 10 ml, with a shelf life of 3 years.