Here you can follow our journey.

This page is going to be a bit of a catch-all news channel reporting back from development on all of our platforms: insights on both the shop and the blog, and what's going on in our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and in time Youtube. 

We will also release information about our newest collections, partnerships and products. 

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Here to serve,

-the Sexshesaid Crew


8.May 2018

One month milestone!

The shop & the blog are now close to having been live for a whole month! 

We are signing contracts with manufacturers, suppliers and brands globally and are closing in on launching our new products in the shop. Totally exciting as we are over the moon by our prospects. Loads of toe-curling delisciousness coming your way - just you wait and see! We'll give you a clue: none of them are purely sexual in nature, but they will make you feel great, look amazing and let your boudoir become a sanctuary worthy of royalty. We are stoked!

Designing and building the sites and their content has been our main priority this month. We are happy with the tweaks we have made thus far. Instagram is gaining followers, and although we haven't done much with Facebook, people have been reaching out for advice on sex and romance through our page. Awesome stuff! 

We cannot wait to see where we will be at by this time next month! Follow us on face and insta, and don't forget to sign up to our newsletter to get special access to coupons and vip stuff. 

With love,

-She & the Sexshesaid Crew



11. May 2018

Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay

We are now offering our customers more safe choices on how to pay in their preferred methods! We are now exclusively working with Stripe. More on that in our Customer Service section. 

With love,

-She & the Sexshesaid Crew



1. October 2018

Social media and general update

We passed 1K followers over the summer on Instagram, and it's been great fun interacting with new and old customers there. Our facebook fanpage is currently followed by some 600 people, and it's delightful to us that the numbers steadily go up especially given facebook's strict rules on adult content - ie, we cannot run ads there. Not that that really is a problem for us as we are taking the organic approach, but still it does give us some degree of satisfaction!

And finally, we are reviewing new products that we will most likely release by the end of this month or sooner - and a new logo for the shop may be in the works as well. Stay tuned!

With love,

-She & the Sexshesaid Crew