About us

Hooray and welcome!

Sexshesaid | The Shop, and Sexshesaid | The Blog opened their doors in April of 2018. The idea behind this shop is to be able to offer affordable products that together with the blog will enhance every aspect of your playful being. We want you to be able to play rough in our outfits and not get that sting in your heart if something rips. These clothes are meant to be used, played in, and enjoyed whilst looking and feeling spectacular.

She, who’s writing the blog and founded the shop, didn't quite like a lot of the products that were out there on the market, and she absolutely despized a lot of the sexshops, web based or otherwise. They were tacky, nasty and she felt yucky just by entering them. It’s our hope you will feel quite the opposite here. We aim to celebrate your quirks, fetishes and joie de vivre. Because what is sex, other than just that - a celebration of life, love, and all things sensual and wonderful?  

If you want to know more about us, our policies, our prices, shipping, what have you - go here

PS: We try our very best to be gender-inclusive, and hope we have achieved it. Please let us know if we mess up though, accidents can happen.